“You taught me how to stand
And taught me how to sit
You taught me when to move
And when to inhibit”

“And when I thought you were done
With nothing else to teach
You taught me how to walk
And taught me how to reach”

“I would like to sing your praises
Shout hoorays and shout hooras
But you taught me not to do that
So I’ll just say silent la, la, las.”

– Colin Quinn
Television Comedian

“One unanticipated result of studying breathing coordination with Jessica is that my need for asthma medication has disappeared completely. The irony is that lessons with Jessica cost less than the medication.”

– Donald Higdon

“Three years ago I began exploring the Alexander Technique under the guidance of Jessica Wolf. The transformation which resulted from the breath and alignment work was a personal revelation. I recommend Alexander work to all the actors I work with and I can tell you that there is no one who is more knowledgeable or a better teacher of this work than Jessica Wolf.”

– Bill Esper
Acting Teacher & Director

“Through my study of breathing coordination with Jessica I am discovering that issues I thought were technical, such as hand placement and how to hold the flute more efficiently, are actually very much related to my breathing habits. I am finding improvement in unexpected areas through working with the breath.”

– Lisa Lutton

“When I first came to Jessica for lessons in the Alexander Technique, I had suffered for years from severe, disabling headache pain that was not relieved by medication. After several years of being misdiagnosed with migraines, I had finally found a doctor who correctly identified the cause of my pain as muscle tension in my head and neck – but neither he nor the physical therapists to whom he referred me were able to help me change the habits that were causing or exacerbating this tension.”

“Now, thanks to my work with Jessica, I am changing those habits and controlling my pain without drugs. But that is just the beginning of what I have learned: Jessica’s intelligent, sensitive and skillful teaching has opened up a whole new world of poise and joyful movement. In addition, her “Art of Breathing” work has made my breathing calm and efficient, and a tool for connecting body and mind. I use the awareness and skills she has taught me to enhance my negotiation skills, to handle the stresses of personal and professional life, and to enjoy the movements of daily life.”

“I feel incredibly lucky to have Jessica as my guide through this fascinating and fun process of learning about myself.”

– Karen G. Krueger

“What a revelation it is to learn that one does not have to try to breathe, that it happens totally without effort if we only expel the air in our lungs and then wait a nano second for the new air to come in. Trust that my body knows how to breath without gasping, pulling, pushing, holding, lifting; all the things that in some way or another I, as a singer, was taught to do!”

“Use your diaphragm. Heard that a lot! Some taught to pull up the chest, some taught to push down, some taught to stick out the belly all in the interest of “using” the diaphragm, but no one except Jessica taught me to breath out and let the new air come in.”

“For me, this is has been revolutionary and liberating! My breath comes in fuller than I ever experienced before. It is as useful for my non performing life as it is my work as a singer. There is a real calm centering that happens when the breath is allowed to come in naturally.”

– Rebecca Alford

“Since the first day I feel different; I’m able to do things that I couldn’t do. I can walk a lot further and when I stop there is not the wheezing and gagging. That’s huge.”

– Mr. Alabama
Emphysema Patient

“I have tried to take up golf several times in my life, and indeed, I found I had a lot in common with Tiger Woods: his last name was where most of my shots ended up. I was about to give up the sport although that meant giving up the opportunity to do business or merely socialize on the course with many of my colleagues and friends.”

“During the time of my most recent efforts at playing the sport, I was studying the Alexander Technique with Jessica Wolf which I found out, after playing several rounds of golf, has direct application to the sport. In fact, I was stunned to learn that F.M. Alexander himself has written directly about golf and how his techniques can help a player relax and excel.”

“The Alexander Technique allowed me to avoid some common mistakes golfers make. First, I would take several deep breaths, eliminating the stale air that had built up in my lungs and inhaling clean air. This relaxed my body and also my mind, allowing me to hit the ball without thinking about other things such as the golfers behind us pressuring us to play faster.”

“Next, I would make sure I was standing with my feet on the ground supporting me. This eliminated a whole host of problems such as the tendency to swing off my heels which used to cause me to twist my body in an attempt to hit the ball too hard which, in turn, made my head fly up. Being able to stand on my feet without tension in my legs helped me find my natural alignment which allowed me to swing easier.”

“Finally, by freeing my neck I was able to keep my head down and still instead of having it fly up with the rest of my body during the follow thru.”

“Don’t get me wrong: I am hardly a pro. But Jessica’s help in the Alexander Technique has at least steered me in the right direction.”

– Matt Morchower
Television Producer

“The work itself – freeing the breath – is inherently soulful and compelling, but the way Jessica goes about it, with equal parts intensity and poise, is a gift to experience. For me, this mixture of intensity, intimacy and poise represents the deepest, best parts of being an Alexander teacher.”

– Sally Rogers
Alexander Teacher

“Since I’ve been studying with Jessica the way I experience my body and how I think of it has completely changed. I never realized the level of tension in my head, neck and especially my upper back. Being free of that has felt like a massive weight has been lifted from me.”

“As a teacher of professional dancers this work has profoundly affected my approach to teaching. It has become an invaluable tool in helping me help my students reach their potential and in developing my own eye. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t use something I’ve learned from working with Jessica.”

– Christine Wright